In Need of a New Identity

I started blogging, tweeting, all of that along time ago. Well, three years ago almost but a lot has changed over the years. Mainly, I have grown up. I am starting to feel like my online persona is not reflecting this change.

Due to my lack of creativity and I guess because I was young, when I signed up for twitter I named myself "patrice0x0x". Today, I cringe when someone tweets me at that name because it makes me sound 13.

Once again, thanks to lack of creativity my blog URL was also patrice0x0x and my e-mail.
Pretty soon (in like a year), I will be entering the professional world. I am seeking a job in social media marketing. If a potential employer asks for my twitter name and blog URL, "patrice0x0x" does not exactly give off a professional vibe.

So, I need your help. I need a new identity. For everything. On Twitter. On this blog (I'm thinking I still like the name of my blog just thinking I should just change the URL). I'll create a new e-mail account just for this blog. It's time, my friends. Time to grow up online.

For the person that comes up with my new identity, I may have a little something for you. Like a prize. We'll see.

Thank you in advance!

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Kelly said...

Nothing beats just your name. You should also register a domain name--firstnamelastname.com--and create a landing page and portfolio with links to all of your social media pages. And like I mentioned on Twitter, I am looking to beef up my portfolio so I would be glad to help!

Rebecca Louise. said...

I agree with Kelly. Your name best represents you so stick with that. It may not sound creative but it is professional and easy to remember :)

Lynda said...

I think it depends a lot on what you're trying to accomplish. If you're trying to sell YOURSELF, then "firstnamelastname" is probably the way to go. It sounds like you want to sell your social media presence and know-how. In that case, having your name on the account is important, but the account name itself is not so important.

If you're trying to brand your blog, I like the idea of a variation of your blog name. With Blogger, I don't think you'll need to change your account name if you slap a domain name on top of it and a domain name is definitely the way to go to look more serious and knowledgeable about blogs and social media.

As a social media evangelist (I actually just got a job doing just this!) you may be tweeting, facebooking, etc under multiple accounts so the name on them isn't hugely important.

Though I do agree that it may be a good idea to get rid of the 0x0x.

Good luck, girl!

Ha'ger Avram said...

I tend to create a new identify every thursday, so i know the feeling only to well. So emails twitters etc i have:

photography company name
social name

You dont need to limit yourself to one - and i would say having at least one anon identity which you can use to post without it getting back to you is worth while. If you do use a firstname lastname one, make sure you keep it completly clean - no posts of any kind that you would ever object to someone reading.

Heather said...

I agree with the anon idea and the totally " corporate Clean " identity. And... I love you !

Laural Out Loud said...

I agree! If you are going to use your accounts professionally, then firstnamelastname is the best option. You an keep your blog name as is if you like. It's also more likely that all are available for the taking if you use that format.

Krystyn said...

Could you just go with patrice?

I'm trying to think of something better, but it's not coming to me.

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