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So I love facebook for many reasons, but tonight, after the results of the election were announced, I came to love facebook even more. Why, you ask? Let me tell you, friends... if you wanna know what people are really thinking, just log on to facebook, and read some of your friends status's. Or, better read some of mine. Some are happy, some are claiming they are leaving the country, and some are just freaking hilarious! Allow me to demonstrate: Here are some of my favorite negative one's:

  • Stocking up because we're screwed
  • scared for everyone's future...
  • Bye, Bye America
  • Way to go America for electing a damn terrorist
  • Congrats America.. you've elected a damn idiot for president!
  • can only sit aside and sob as I watch the country fall apart and see people celebrating...
  • omg what has America done? the next 4 years we are f***ed.
  • well yall wanted change and yall are about to see it, and it wont be good. F*** Obama.
  • excited to quit her job and go on welfare. Yay president hussein!! Oops. I meant Obama. My bad.
  • can't believe so many people are so easily fooled.
  • now that the dems are in control of the house, the senate, and the presidency, who are they going to blame now?
  • We should all make sure we look pretty cuz this country is about to get f****ed.
  • I can't believe America voted for a baby killer.
Countless people seem to think the solution is to move out of the country, to everywhere from Canada to Israel to Australia, and even Texas "if it secedes". One is going to Mexico: "I plan on going to Mexico to sit on the beach and drink for the next four years" Some just claim they are moving out period, apparently they haven't come up with a good location yet! Some are just shocking: "i can see the headlines now... "President Turned Terrorist Bombs His Own Country." " "in mourning and can't wait for increased taxes! no longer the white housee..........it is now the black house!" "wow america.. f***in n****" " its ok someone will probly assassinate him so dont wry bout it." Here are some of my favorite positive ones:
  • I must be a fortune teller cause I predicted this to happen, sorry McCain you tried now go cry.
  • Do you republicans need help packing? Because the rest of us are ready for change!
  • so glad America made the right decision!!! Suck it Republicans!!! OBAMA 08!!!
  • if obama get shot its goin to be war and you dont want that trust...and if you need help moving please let me know i got tons of boxes to help.
I can't even count the number of people whose status's were simply OBAMA! or OBAMA 08 or something of that nature. Some have suggestions as to who should run in 2012 already, including themselves:
  • just wants to party my life away, no more election crap! neither should of been elected. we all should have voted for MEEEEEEEE :)
  • announcing his intent to run for President in 2028.
  • f*** em! f*** em! LIL WAYNE FOR PRESIDENT!
  • is running in 2012 cause anyone apparently can make it.
  • 4 more years...lil wayne for president!
  • mccain can't make it rain and obama can f*** a llama. ME FOR PREZZZIDENT.
And my all-time favorite:
And what, do you ask, is my status?? Patrice is choosing to have no comment on the election.. unlike every1 else I'll keep my opinion to myself, thanks :)

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Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Some people are just ridiculous. :) Kudos to you for choosing to be normal.

Dee said...

HAHA! Well good for you to keeping your thoughts to yourself! I did the same thing! I couldnt believe all the stuff i was reading last night!

Marla said...

yes... facebook was awesome last night... just awesome...

Mama Zen said...

Yikes! There is some SCARY stuff out there!

Krystyn said...

Those are all good ones!

I'm with you...keeping the politics out of my blog.

Jennifer said...

Great Post:) Might use the face book thing one day:)

Joy said...

Ohhhh... wow! Definitely strong opinions. I agree with quite a few of them but like you, I'll keep it to myself for sake of avoiding arguments. But I'm really getting sick of the....

OBAMA WORSHIP! Seriously... he's just a MAN. The first time he lets this country down (let's face it, he will, no one is perfect) there are going to be some upset people.

Susan in the Psych Ward said...

I had fun on facebook last night, too... and I also like to try to keep my opinions to myself... I try!!!

Michelle said...

I think people are confused.... Bill Clinton is a democrat and didn't tank the economy... George Bush did...

Tasha Via said...

I'm sorry but that is hilarious!!!!

Hey, I just tagged you with a kreative blogger award=) Congrats!

Megan said...

I definitely kept hitting refresh to see everyone's comments.

Heidi said...

Girl, what kind of friends do you have on Facebook? I am going to have to find you because I didn't see much on mine. Just a few hoots and hollers, but nothing like that, WOW!

Vanessa Rogers said...

I love that about facebook too! I thought it was funny that people said they were moving to Canada. Canada is way more liberal than the US. I don't know if it would be the escape they are looking for.

Rebecca Kelsey said...

Man some of those status's were just crazy! But its good of you to keep your opinion to yourself. I get scared to enter into political conversations so I mostly just listen because people can get sooo brutal its scary.

So how was your birthday weekend celebration? And how much did the site design cost? I don't really have any readers yet so I wouldn't want to spend too much just in case I bomb :(

I've tried advertising on different sites, telling my friends about it, all that jaz. How did you develop so many readers?

- Rebecca

Kelley Bruce Robinson said...

Great post! These made me laugh too. What an interesting idea for a blog entry.

I'm a freshman in college too! I go to Colorado State University and am a journalism major. What is your major?

Leslie said...

I had to laugh with this post. It's funny to see what they're thinking huh? Stop by my blog... have something for ya!

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