Got A Secret, Can You Keep It....

"Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you'll save. Better lock it in your pocket, taking this one to the grave"

Yes I just quoted the Pretty Little Liars theme song. I know. It's catchy, what can I say?! Anyway, I do have a secret to share. However, it is not my secret I am sharing. It is some anonymous person who trusted me to post their secret on my blog.

I am participating in BlogSecret, hosted by Holly. I love this idea! When I chose to blog using my name, I never considered what that meant. I never thought that there were things that I might not want to put out there using my name. There are some things I just can't say on here because of who might read it. That's where Holly's great idea comes in. I wrote a post, shared my story, but without my name attached to it. It's posted on someone elses blog anonymously, so it's out there, but it's not associated with me. It's the best of both worlds!

So, here is the secret that I have been entrusted to share. Leave your feedback for this person if you want, as they know their secret is being posted here! And, if you want to participate next time, be sure you let Holly know!
The most beautiful woman in the world
I am doing this entry to try and flush the beautiful woman in the world out of my head.  I came across her while I was on holiday last November. The tragedy for me at least is that as much as she redefines what sexy is and has a equally bright mind she does not live in my local area, nor is she likely to in the foreseeable future. She has the nicest eyes I have ever seen which helped to cast me under her spell. While under her spell time just flew by.  I so fell under her spell that I failed to notice any other women for about two weeks afterward.  A part of me wants or wanted to tell her how amazing she is. But it really would be pointless because I probably won’t see her again.  Oh and the fact we have a couple of things in common only adds to things. I suspect that she is going to be in my dreams for a while yet.

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Janet said...

She must be pretty special, but there must be someone else out there! Everyone is sent into our lives for a reason, I believe ... hang in there!

Mere said...

Hey there!!

I'm so glad you stopped by and after you left me a comment and I saw your adorable blog, I was like, "WHY HAVEN'T I BEEN THERE?!" Anywho, LOVE your blog and I'm adding you to my read list on the side of my blog :) Hope you'll do the same for me! Ttys!

Love, Mere

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