Blogiversary Take 2

Welcome back to my blogiversary party!

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I couldn't cram everything from the last two years into two posts so I made into two- one for each year my blog has existed! I got a little more sappy in the last post, so I'm trying to make this one a little lighter. I thought I would play a little numbers game with some fun facts about my blog over the last couple years:
  • 181: Posts I have published in the last two years. 
  • 38: Posts that were published since my 1st blogiversary last year (side note, I know this number is really low. After my sister was diagnosed, it took me awhile to come to terms with the fact that it was okay to go on with my life as normal, and that meant blogging about stuff non-cancer related. That is why that number is so low).
  • 1646: Comments I have received (thank you to my blog friends and loyal commenters! I love hearing hearing from you, it very often makes my day!)
  • 244: The most visitors I have ever had in one day. It was Thanksgiving Day 2008. Like I said last year, I have no idea why people were reading my blog on Thanksgiving, but I'll take it! 
  • 201: The second most visitors in one day. It was December 26 of this year.
  • 23,043: Total visitors that have stopped by this blog since the beginning!
  • 2,790: Visitors that have came to my blog directly (according to Google Analytics). 
  • 127: Google Followers my blog has! That is amazing! Thank you all!! 
  • 78: Facebook fans! Thank you! :)
Some other non-number fun facts:
  • The number one term people search to get to my blog is "dangers of beer pong" (same as last year). One of my favorite posts, a humorous outlook on injuring yourself during a game of beer pong!
  • The weirdest thing people have searched to get to my blog? "Women flashing on roller coasters" I have no idea what this has to with my blog... I swear I've never done that! Other weird ones include "fat girl kissing skinny girl", "mckmama moocher" "but you don't understand, osgood. uh, i'm a man. well, nobody's perfect!"
  • My most viewed post ever is this Top 5 Tuesday post about shopping. It has 764 views... crazy!
  • My top viewed post in the past year since my 1st blogiversary is Dangers of Beer Pong of course! Even though that post was up before my blogiversary last year, it was still the most popular since then!
  • This was a year of firsts, as well: I participated in 1st blog swap with the fabulous Caroline! And I wrote my 1st guest post at Winey Mommy's blog
Well, that about it wraps it up! This year my blog has changed a lot and it will continue to change (hopefully for the better) as the years go on. Thank you to everyone who has seen me through this journey!

My one request (I know, I'm always demanding things)- I have so many followers I don't know, but I really want to "meet"! Please introduce yourself! That is all... I hope you all have enjoyed my blogiversary party!

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Shell said...

The beer pong thing makes me laugh!

Dorm Linens said...

Thanks for sharing your stats....pretty interesting :)

Rebecca Louise. said...

Happy 2nd birthday Patrice's blog! Great facts by the way and keep those posts coming! x

Twin Extra Long said...

Oh, I have to read your beer pong post :)

Bullet said...

Neat and huge stats !! Anyways I'm Roshan from India (if you are not aware). :-)

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