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Danielle @ Life with the Hewitt Family tagged me in this fun little meme! Thanks, Danielle! Everyone who hasn't checked out her blog yet, go do it now! *pauses, waits for everyone to come back...* ok, so here are the rules of this meme: 1.Post the rules on your blog. (check) 2.Write six random things about yourself. (check) 3.Tag six people at the end of your post. (check- scroll down!) 4. If you are tagged, JUST DO IT, and pass the tag along. (this one is up to you guys!) okay, now that we have the rules out of the way, you can learn more about me!

  1. I love getting dressed up to go out. I usually don't get ready for class because I would rather sleep in and there's no one to impress since most of my classes the majority of people are girls. So on the weekends when I actually do my hair and make up and put on cute clothes, I feel like 10x hotter!
  2. I am obsessed with tabs, like on Firefox, I always have like 1000 open at a time. Most of them are usually new blogs I want to check out. If someone gets on my computer, and they don't click "restore" (as in bring back all my previous tabs) they should prepare for death! lol Currently I have 35 tabs open, 26 of which are blogs. See, told you!
  3. I talk to my mom everyday, sometimes twice a day. I don't think I've been here at college 1 day without talking to her! We have a great relationship.
  4. I'm not really into football.. I occasionally watch Mizzou games since being at school in Missouri, but that's only if I'm out like at the frat house, and it's already on. Our school doesn't have a ft. ball team, and our H.S. team was a joke, so I just never really got into it. The other school in our town has a ft. ball team, and people go watch their games, I think I'll go sometime, but I'm not much for watching ft. ball on TV.
  5. My friends say I talk like the people from The Hills! I have a bad habit of saying "OMG" (like literally the letters o, m, g.) and I probably say "like" a lot. I sometimes say "brb", but I don't think I use internet speak very often! lol they also say I exaggerate my endings like the "t" sound at the end of a word... I don't think I do this, but whatever!
  6. I am in love with Britney Spears' new single Womanizer. I can't wait for her new album, seriously I still love her last album. I don't care what is happening in her personal life as long as she keeps making kick ass music like this!
Ok, now for the fun part, who should I tag?!? Is that 6? I think so.. well I hope you enjoyed learning more about me & I hope those of you I tagged will enjoy doing this! :)

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Marketing Gurl said...

I love your blog and I also love the new single!! XOXO Marketing Gurl

HappyHourSue said...

I love that you talk to your mom so much - That is my hope for me and my girls when they go off on their own one day.

I already did a post titled "Holla!" where I tried to get my lurkers to de-lurk by telling them all these random things about myself and asking to tell me things back.

But thanks for listing me!!!

The Nice One said...

I talk to my mom every day too. If we can't talk, I text her or e-mail her. I hope Girl Child does this with me when I'm an old lady.
LMAO @ the OMG thing. I say Like way too often. I also say WHATEVER way too often. And yes, I say OMG and WTF. As in, just the letters. Yup....

Dawn said...

My mom and I have always been close like that too. It's great to have that relationship, and I pray my kids and I will be the same way someday.

As for the Hills, I just love that show. I don't think it is a bad thing to talk like them. Now, if only we could have their money! I want to be able to afford the things they have. :-)

And, last but not list, Britney...the song is okay in my opinion. I would like it a lot, but I am not a fan of how her voice sounds in some sections of the song. She sounds kind of deep and flat to me, but what do I know. ;-)

Megan said...

I thought I was obsessed with tabs!! Right now I have 23 tabs open, and only 5 are for work! haha :0) I too talk to my mother every day, at least once. Always continue that. She truly is my best friend.

Shana said...

I saw that you paid my blog a visit so I wanted to return the favor! Thanks for the comment! Small world--I grew up in Plano too! I was a Plano East Panther!!!

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I'm a tab freak also - I have 8 tabs open right now and that's considered a small load for me for sure.

I also REALLY like Britney's music - so I'm glad I'm not alone! I'll have to check Womanizer out, somehow I still haven't heard it...

I promise I'll do this meme soon!

The Pink Potpourri said...

great list! it was fun to read!

just a girl... said...

1. I love pajama pants
2. I am also obsessed with tabs, but my poison is on safari!
3. Ditto, My mom is my best friend.
4. I can't even hear that. Hook'em Horns
5. OMG love the hills
6. Britneys Back Bitches

Krystyn said...

I heart my tabs in firefox, too. Another teacher uses my computer during one class and she always messes them up!

And, I'm not into football, either.

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