Top 5 Tuesday (A Little Late): Who Influences me

I know I'm a little late on this, but I started and then stopped like 20 times and I was busy, ok? So give me a break! Anyway, this weeks Top 5 Tuesday is Who Influences Me. Wow.. this is deep! Hopefully I can come up with 5 good one's!

  1. My mom- My mom has always been a great role model for me and I look up to her a lot. I hope to be as good of a mom as she is to my kids someday.
  2. My dad- My dad and I haven't always been that close, but I look up to him a lot and really respect the way he works so hard to give us such a great life. When I look for a husband someday I hope he has qualities that my dad has.
  3. My god-mother/Aunt- My Aunt Kim has been always been someone I look up to a lot. While I may not see her or talk to her everday, she has always had a great influence in my life. She's a great person with a big heart and is always quick to give advice when I need it. She's a great role model and a great influence.
  4. My friends- I know this could be a good or bad thing, but my friends play a huge role in my life. They influence me both for the better and sometimes for worse, but hopefully mostly for the better.
  5. Various people who come into my life- I know this sounds weird, but at different times in my life, i've had different people influencing me. For instance, my basketball coach last year influenced me to start working out and lose weight (if only she would come to college with me!). It's people like this who are in my life at different times that make a big difference.

So I hope this was worth the wait... well not really but I wanted to do it anyway since it's such an important topic.

If you had a busy Tuesday like me, but still want to talk about who iunfluences you, head over to Supernanny Where Are You? and link up! It's not too late, right Dana?!

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amanda said...

great list :)

and i totally understand your last one - it is amazing how people can come into your world and make such a lasting impression.

Chelle said...

I love your list!

It's so hard to only think of 5 people...so many people stop into our lives and influence us without us even thinking about it, ya know?

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