From the Brain to the Blog... Is it Really That Hard?

For some reason this process has been especially difficult for me lately. In case you haven't noticed, I haven't been blogging a lot lately. It's been like 2 weeks since my last post, and it was like 2 weeks since the post before that. It's not from a lack of inspiration; I keep a list on my phone of all the topics I come up with to blog about, and currently that list has 15 ideas on it (counting this one). They are all good ideas, too, if I do say so myself! I would like to blame it on time, but really, I'm on the computer all the time so it really wouldn't be that hard to write a single post. The problem, for some reason, is getting the thoughts in my head into a coherent post. Often times, I get inspired to write blog posts at like 3 AM or some other crazy time where I should be sleeping. (Clearly this includes tonight since it's now 3 AM & I am blogging). Instead of getting up at 3 AM (usually I'm trying to fall asleep, I'm not asleep or anything when I get inspired), I write down the idea, and go back to bed. Well, clearly that is not good enough for me, because the post never happens. I read my list of topics almost daily, believe it or not, and am constantly adding new ideas. However, if it's not at that moment that I am inspired to write the post, I just don't feel like writing it anymore. I love writing, and I love blogging, there's no doubt about that. In my last writer's block post, I talked about this a little; I have been second guessing myself lately when it comes to my blog. Am I making sense? Am I just blabbing randomly? Will anyone care about this? Do I sound like I'm feeling sorry for myself? These are just a few of the questions that go through my head when writing a post, and usually I usually determine, that no, I am not making sense, and no, no one cares! So then I just save the post as a draft and think I'll get back to that later... then never do. Part of it, I think, is that I am afraid to write about certain topics because of who might read it. After I got a really nice anonymous comment on my dear ass hole post from someone who thinks they know who I am writing about & they know this person, I became aware of just how public my blog is. I do, after all, link to it on my facebook, so it wouldn't be hard for someone from school to find the link & read it, & possibly know who I am talking about. I know that I am in control of what links are posted, and I am in control of how I let the fact that anyone could read what I'm writing effect me & my writing, but it is one of the reasons I am sometimes apprehensive to publish posts. I don't really have a point... I don't think. It is 3 AM & I'm really tired & I'm losing my train of thought. However, I'm not going to second guess myself. I'm going to publish this post, and hopefully another one tomorrow, and get back on the blogging program instead of going two weeks without posting!

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Rebecca Louise. said...

I think everyone has writers block. I struggled at first because I wanted what I wanted to say to be 'world class' as they would say. Like Angie's posts at bring the rain, they are always so beautiful! However I soon realised blogging about the random things made me more interested in blogging.

Plus I prfer to blog in winter when there is no sun, no blue skies. Now summer has hit (kinda lol!) I am away from my PC more.

I know you can blog really well girl you have the humour for it! :)

Jen said...

Just a thought...could you start an anonymous blog with a new domain? Then DM people with the new link, but do NOT link it on Facebook or other places that you know people IRL.

I can't imagine having a blog that was totally public. I would be doing the same thing you are doing--questioning everything I wrote. My blog is pretty much a secret. Only a few people know (Family and 3 close friends who have been sworn to secrecy). Sometimes I think about going public but then I feel like I'd be right where you are.

Good luck with whatever you do. I hope you continue to keep writing. I enjoy your posts!! :)

Megan said...

That's the main reason I don't link to my blog on FB or any other site--sure people can find me if they really tried, but I feel like I can express myself more if it isn't totally OUT there.

Chelle said...

I totally understand! Sometimes when I don't blog for a few days...weeks....whatever....it seems so hard to jump back on and start. I'm not sure why?

Maybe you could delete the link off your FB? Then you could write your little heart out :)

Michelle said...

Oh, I agree on the reader thing. I think I would hit the blogger limit if my in-laws didn't read my blog! I don't know how they found my blog, because I certainly didn't intentionally lead them there, but it is what it is. Oh well.

Krystyn said...

Sometimes a break is good.

And, I know what you mean about not blogging about things. I want to all the time, but I resist. After all, I really don't want to make my MIL upset!

Tenakim said...

I am learning- such is the life of a blogger!

Mandy said...

Hang in there...I have not blogged as consistently as I used to, either. Of course, that could be because all I do is lay on the couch when I have free time.... *sigh* This pregnancy is taking it out of me!

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