Seen & Heard (Mostly Heard) Around Here Lately

So many of you post funny comments from around your household occasionally & while I don't have little kids that say funny (but cute!) things, there have been quite a few funny things said around here at my house that I felt compelled to share... plus I kind of missed doing weekly funny quotes posts, so it's kinda like that!

So the first one comes from my dear old young dad! He called my mom the other day after his golf tournament, and when she asked him how it went, his response was "Have you have ever had a nail driven through your eye?" She, of course, said no & he said "Well, I guess you can't understand how I feel then..." OMG, dramatic much?!?!!
Then, later that day my mom & I decided to facebook stalk my dad (okay we didn't really plan on "stalking him" we just thought it would be funny to see what he does on facebook!) Anyway, some woman who my mom had never heard of wrote on his wall & told him he looks great! lol So later when my dad came home, this conversation went down:
Mom: "Whose Jennifer So & So (I can't remember her last name, that's not the point!)?
Dad: "She was a Tri Delt when we were in college... she was a party girl."
Mom: "Oh. I've never heard of her. And she wrote on your facebook wall saying you look good! Are you gonna go have an affair with her!?!" (She was kidding, she has no reason to feel threatened!)
Dad: "No... Lot's of girls talk to me on facebook, it's no big deal."
My dad, the player, y'all! Watch out, he's apparently a big stud that gets all the ladies! I should be so lucky to have such a cool dad...!
My 16 year old sister had a bunch of friends over, and I kept seeing flashes coming from the other room they were in. I started listening to what they were saying, and every time they would take a picture they would say "Be... The Hills!" *flash* "Be... Heidi!" *flash* "Be... a cat!" *flash* They seriously did this for probably at least 5 minutes, who knows how many pictures of themselves they took! lol Don't you miss being 16!? ;)
The other night at dinner, my dad & I had this conversation: Dad: "So my friend, you know Mr. H is working on his website for his company.. blah blah blah... (he talks a lot ok!?) & he was looking at some blogs so I told him you were into all that & I sent him the link to your page..." Me: (Now listening way more closely) "Oh..." Really thinking: You did what!!? How did you get that address?! (Ok, I guess it's not that hard... I mean my blog isn't exactly a secret, I was just taken back that my dad reads my blog or at least knows the link!) Conversation between my parents: Mom: "So our anniversary is coming up, we need to decide if we are going to go out for it." Dad: "Oh yeah..." Mom: "Did you already make reservations somewhere special?!" Dad: "Yeah, of course." (after awhile)... "So what day of the week is that on?" Mom: "Well I guess you didn't make reservations!" Conversation between my Dad & I: Me: "I don't think you like kids very much... I'm surprised you had any!" Dad: "What!? I love kids! What are you talking about!?" Me: "Well, you get mad every time they are screaming in church or something..." Dad: "Yeah, well they are better seen not heard!" My sister & her friends, hanging out in the kitchen... my sister's phone goes off: Sister: "Did I get a text!!?" Friend: "No..." Sister: "Yes I did! Let me see!" Friend: "It's just one of those stupid FWD messages..." Sister: (reading) "You will be kissed on the 4th of July by a person who thinks your perfect & tomorrow will be your best day if you forward this to ten friends including me!" "OMG I'm so forwarding that!!!" (My sister's friend) Friend: "So I have 3 boyfriends now!" Me: "Really?! Wow..." Friend: "Yeah, except none of them actually know we're dating, but they'll figure it out!"

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Stephanie said...

Hey lady! I haven't been to your page in a bit! You always seem to crack me up tho! Hope you have a good 4th of July!!!!

Rebecca Louise. said...

I loved the one between your parents about thier dinner reservations for their anniversary haha! xxx

Al said...

hahaha random family conversations are always fun!!

Anonymous said...

visitng from sits...

you write very well..

Terri said...

hilarious! I have a funny kid one for you. On the 4th of July, my weeone (who is 7) was up WAY past her bedtime. As we got out of the car and walked into the house she said "I'm going straight to bed." I replied, "okay", in the obvious sort of way. Her response was priceless. "You don't hear me say that everyday!".

Your parents sound absolutely adorable!

just a girl... said...

these are always great posts. i like the crazy texts posts too.

Jane In The Jungle said...

Love your dad...especially "what day of the week is it on", LOL!!

Twin XL said...

Love the story of you & your mom FB stalking your dad....really funny :)

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