Top 5 Tuesday

Ok, so Supernanny Where are You (that blog title cracks me up!) is hosting Top 5 Tuesday. I actually saw this last week, and really wanted to participate, but I was at the beach and the internet was so slow that blogging was pretty much impossible... it was a miracle I got my WWWAT post up. Anyway, basically every Tuesday she posts a theme and we list our top 5 something. This week is Top 5 Favorite Movies of All Time. Ok, so without further ado, I present my top 5 favorite movies...

  1. The Notebook- How could you not love this movie?!?! Rachel McAdam's and Ryan Gosling were so cute and I was crushed when they broke up in real life. This is, in my opinion, the ultimate love story. I cry everytime I watch it. So, so good!!!
  2. Breakfast at Tiffany's- A classic. I love Audrey Hepburn and I love her style in this movie. It's a great romance story and a great story about finding yourself, which I think everyone struggles with sometimes. This movie always makes me cry at the end, when the cat is lost, oh gosh....
  3. How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days- By now, I think it's pretty obvious I love romantic comedies. I'm a huge Kate Hudson fan and I think she is amazing in this movie. Plus, I really want her job [in the movie], and it makes me so mad that she doesn't like it! ha This movie is just a classic romantic comedy, its funny, romantic and it's just great. What else can I say!
  4. When Harry Met Sally- Such a good movie! Ugh. It really makes you think about relationships between opposite sexes and it's a classic romantic comedy. It shows the struggles of being in a relationship and finding that one person. So good!!
  5. Father of the Bride pt. 2- This movie is another one that always makes me cry! It's such a far-fetched (in my opinion) story line (Mom and daughter pregnant at the same time), but it is hilarious! And in the end, when Steve Martin is holding both his baby and his grandchild, I just lose it! Even though I can't relate, I love the story and it's just so sweet!
Ok, well I guess that's my list... I revised it several times and there are still quite a few movies I would love to add, but I'm going to stick with that list. I will however, mention a few I left out: The runners up were Never Been Kissed, 27 Dresses (this scene makes the whole movie for me-- see video below), Sleepless in Seattle (A classic how could you not love that movie!). Anyway, you get the point... I could go on forever. This is what makes 27 Dresses such a good movie: (I couldn't resist posting it) Thanks to Supernanny Where Are You for hosting.

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Jen said...

I love romantic comedies too, but The Notebook (not really a comedy) is my all-time favorite movie EVER!!! Love it! I was also crushed when R/R broke up. I seriously got a little misty eyed.

I still haven't watched 27 Dresses. I need to add that to my Netflix queue.

Jen E said...

Ah I love all these movies as well - I could have done an entire second post just on romantic comedies. :)

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