Vacation Recap

Ok, so as you may know I spent the past week at the beach in South Carolina. This is a family tradition we have held now for 19 years! The first year we all got together I was 9 months old! Can you believe that? Now I'm about to go to college... crazy! So let me explain to you all the attendees: We go with my dad's side of the family so his brother, sister, and step-sister all come. I tried making a family tree to make it interesting, but it didn't work out so I will just explain it to you in words.. sorry! Here is it how it goes:

  • My grandfather comes and his 3 kids (my dad, my aunt and my uncle)
  • Also my step-grandmother comes and brings with her her daughter.
  • Everyone brings their kids and spouses. My aunt mentioned above (my grandmother's daughter) married my uncle, who is from Egypt. They have 3 kids- Tammir, Amanda and Jenna.
  • My dad's brother has 2 kids- Maggie and Samantha and he is married to my Aunt Kimi.
  • My dad's sister has 1 kid- Spencer who is 5 and he is crazy, but so cute! She is married to my Uncle Carl.
  • Then there's us: My mom, my dad and my sister Anna and of course me.
  • So that = 8 kids and 10 adults.... all in one house.
So now that you have the background info... basically what we did all week, was eat a lot of food, spend alot of time on the beach, and drink a lot. (Ok, not me so much on the last one.. I was allowed a few cocktails, but I definitely wouldn't say "a lot".. but the adults? YES.) Anyway, it really was a lot of fun (I really need a synonym for a lot ... for someone that wants to be a writer you would think I could do better than a lot, but whatever.) We played games like Bunco (which my dad affectionately nick-named "drunko" and commented that it must be a really "thought-provoking game because all the mommies have headaches the next day when they play @ Girls night out lol), we played several card games and even some dominoes. The best part for me was just bonding with my cousins.. we don't see them all that often so it's really fun to spend time with them when the opportunity presents itself. So, I took a lot (i'm giving up on finding a new word for a lot, maybe next post ha!) of pictures, so here's a slideshow in case you're interested. Sorry for the boring post, I guess I'm not feeling writing inspired today...

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