So last week I was on vacation, right? I don't know about you, but when I am on vacation I'm not obsessing over what I'm eating and focusing on working out. I am trying to have a good time and enjoy my vacation. Vacation should mean a vacation from all that, too! So I splurged... alot. When I say splurged, I mean strawberry shortcake, Angel food cake, Dessert with lunch, breakfast and dinner. I could go on forever... Let me back up for a minute and say this. I struggle with my weight like how many other percent of people in the population do... and it's always been a struggle to get slimmer, blah blah you know the drill. Well, starting last summer I made a vow to get healthy. I was pretty overweight, to be honest (Maybe one day I might post pictures if I'm feeling really honest). With the help of my basketball coach ( I didn't play for the team... I was the manager, but the Coach was like a mom to me) I started running and exercising and eating healthier. This continued for the 1st semester of my Senior year. Then... things went a little down hill. Working out was harder because my coach was having a baby and eventually went on bed rest so we weren't working out during basketball anymore. Anyway, I ended up losing about 30 lbs., and got to a weight I was happy with. Then.... I did the unspeakable.. I weighed myself right after my vacation. We all know you don't weigh yourself after vacation. I don't even weigh myself that often normally. But I was at my best friends house, she had a scale in her bathroom, and curiosity took over. It was not good. That number on that scale told me I gained 10 lbs. That can't be right. Ok, so I'm exaggerating a little because I didn't gain all 10 lbs in the week I was on vacation, but I gained at least 5 in that week and it adds up to 10 lbs more than the number I was at after losing weight. My point is it is so frustrating trying to lose weight! There is temptation everywhere! You should see where I work... it is not a normal office. There is candy all over the place. I sware. I'm not exaggerating. And knowing it is there is so hard!!! I am a sucker for sweets. And I'm working out twice a week with a trainer, I'm logging what I eat, I feel like I'm doing all the right things but I can't stop eating sweets and I am definitely not losing weight! Any diet tips out there? I really wanted to lose more weight this summer so I could be in awesome shape for college, but apparently that's not going to happen...

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amanda said...

i have no tips :(

we just got back from our vacation and all we did was eat!! i say enjoy it :)

seriously just wait till college - you will lose it all there!!

thanks for stopping by my world :)

Jen E said...

Dieting is evil - but I can say you are doing far, far better than me - when you break down and break the rules, just accept that you've done it - I don't think there's any sense in reeling with guilt or anything. You have a long life ahead of you.

Jen said...

Obviously since you read my post on the 5 stages, you know that I have no advice for you. I do agree with Jen e in that it I would forgive youself and move on. If you can't splurge on vacation, then your diet is just way too strict. Go back to your regular plan and then weigh yourself in a few weeks. I bet you'll see a big difference. Good luck. Oh and congrats on losing 30 pounds to begin with--that is AWESOME!!!

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Not sure I have any tips for you. I have a horrible time losing weight too. I had to lose 40 pounds after I had my last baby and it was torture! Especially since my favorite foods are potatoes and bread and chocolate.

Don't be too hard on yourself though. We all deserve to splurge on vacation. Life isn't worth living if you're going to be neurotic all the time about every bite of food you put in your mouth.

PS- I love your new blog design!

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