A Few Little Things...

Ok so I will write a real post later about my trip once I upload pictures and everything, but I have a bunch of random stuff to say so I'm just writing a few quick things!!

  • 1st off, I have to thank Krystyn for my blog's makeover!! I am loving it and I feel so official now! I don't know about you, but I love a good makeover, and she did an excellent job(IMO), so I would definitely reccomend her if you, like I was, are in need of a blog makeover!
  • Next, I am so happy to announce that my iphone is here! It was definitely worth the wait! I LOVE it! Not only is it amazingly cool (ha!) but it's an awesome conversation starter! I was at a party last night and this really cute guy had the old iPhone and he was impressed I had the new one. Anyway, you get the point.
  • My vacation was great... lot's of good family time. There is nothing like family. Check out my WWWAT post for some pics until I get the rest up!
  • I have like exactly a month before I leave for school... I'm so excited, but I'm so scared! I'll write a post about it this week, I promise, so stay tuned!
  • I am now a twitter-er, so follow me on twitter!
  • Thanks to everyone who has commented me... I'm really trying to get a good "audience" if you will, so I really appreciate it when you guys read and comment my blog!
That's it for now... like I said, stay tuned 'cuz there's lots more coming this week!

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Jen E said...

LOVE the new layout! I am insanely jealous! :)

American Mum said...

Nice new look!

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