I'm So Excited (& I Just Can't Hide It)

lol like the title ?! I couldn't resist... Ok, so as I said I am so excited... and this is why! Tomorrow morning, this will be MINE!Yes, that's right... the brand new iPhone 3G! My amazing parents are supplying me with this amazing beauty for a fantastic graduation present, and I couldn't be happier! I just had to share! So, my It's Real Life post is coming up, but I need to stop by home on my lunch break and scan in a few pics, so hopefully it will be up later this afternoon.. stay tuned! Happy Thursday!

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Jenny said...

what a great graduation present!! i am envious!! thanks for visiting.

gina said...

I was just eyeing that phone...I wish I had a reason to get it as a gift, oh wait , maybe I'll ask hubs to get it for our anniversary. Totally not romantic, but whatever.

Jen E said...

It goes without saying that I'm insanely jealous. :) Congrats!

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