Happy Endings or Not So Much?

So tonight was movie night for my friends and I... and the movie of choice was Garden State. While it was a good movie I guess, it got me thinking. Now I don't consider myself to be cynical, but so far my love life has been pretty well.. dull. And I know that it's rare to meet your soul mate in high school, but your still supposed to date. Well, for me.. not so much. And by not so much I mean at all. I'm sure I'm not the only one, and I'm sure that between the few people that actually read this blog, and me, could come up with plenty of excuses to why this is the case. However, it doesn't change the way I feel. I can't help but feel like something is wrong with me... like i'm not pretty enough, skinny enough, funny enough... I could go on forever. Anyway, I digress. The point is the movie (spoiler alert) of course has a happy ending. Basically, they meet, they fall in love and end up together... all in a matter of 4 days. I mean really? 4 days? Come on! Ugh. Why can't movies ever be real? Anyway, the movie just left me feeling... empty. Like, what if the happy ending isn't in the cards for me? Why do they always have to end up together in the movies? Basically, I guess the conclusion that it lead me to is that I have in fact become a cynic because of what I've experienced. It doesn't help that the last 2 people I kissed were not exactly true love, considering one of them was someone else's boyfriend (don't judge- there's more of a story to it that I will share some other time) and the other was someone whose last name I don't know (again.. no judging.) I just wish that they made movies about real life, and not the happy endings that sometimes aren't. It's not that I don't hope for that happy ending, and don't usually enjoy movies with a happy ending. But I can't help but feel like its just so unrealistic and makes me feel kind of hopeless. I feel like I'm talking in circles... not exactly how I intended this post to be, but whatever, I'm just thinking out loud and thats what blogs are for right? I will leave with this list I found via Google of movies that actually don't have a happy ending.

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Jen E said...

Gone With the Wind - the ultimate non-happy ending love story. It's a long one but still my favorite. I was surprised I didn't see it on that list.

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