The Result of my 4th of July weekend

So some of us have pictures of fireworks, or adorable little kids patriotic outfits, or just of the family having fun together. However, I did not bring my camera with me unfortunately this weekend so I have none of those. However, there is one thing that stands out that is a souvenier, if you will, of my 4th of July weekend. Let me preface by telling you how this came about. Friday my friends and I decided to spend the day at a nearby lake, swimming and having a picnic on the shore. It was a really fun experience until I stepped off to the side of the lake right off shore, and fell in a hole. I am not kidding, it beats me how on earth there came to be a hole in the lake, but this was no normal hole. There was something hard in this hole that happened to hit me in the side of my leg, leaving me helpless and in a lot of pain. Anyway, I will let you see for yourselves my "Souvenier" from my 4th of July celebration! Yes, that is what my leg now looks like... the scary thing is the picture actually doesn't do it justice. Anyway, I'm going with the story that there was a shark in the lake and somehow I managed to escape with only a bruise!

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Jen E said...

Ouch! That had to hurt!

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