I Need Your Creativity!

I need you, bloggy friends! So, our sorority is hosting a new members party, the first party of the year! And basically we, the new members, get to plan the theme and keep it a secret from the old members until a couple days before, so they have to scatter to get ready!! So we're trying to come up with a theme, and I want to know what ideas you have ?!?! Some things they've done in the past is like dancing through the decades (dress up like a different decade) or cowboy/cowgirl theme! We want something really fun, but not necessarily costume-y, you know ?!?! I'm open to any suggestions! I know you guys are creative, so let me know what you got!

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Chelle said...

Ohhh...you could a 70's theme or better yet an 80's theme! You could wear the neon color clothes and tease your hair really big! Lol!
I'll have my morning coffee and e-mail my sister--she was in a sorority through college, too!

HappyHourSue said...

I'm with Chelle: 70's/80's are always fun plus you get the music to go with it. Pimp & ho, but that's better for a sorority/frat party......Don't know if you know each other well enough, but our friends once threw a 'dress up like your neighbor" party - you just pick a person and dress like they do.(exaggerated of course) Slumber party....rave......god I miss college.

Krystyn said...

I was thinking an 80s theme. Or what about under the sea? Tat could be fun.

Jen E said...

I know it's a little costumey, but we did a Pirate Party one year that was really fun - what's your school's mascot, maybe you could incorporate that somehow? Otherwise a good 80s night is always easy.

The Nice One said...

Why did I have to go to a college that didn't have sorority? Sounds like such fun.
70s or 80s sound fun. So does pimps and hos. ha ha ha!

Jamie said...

Hey...just came across your blog and thought I would comment. I was thinking you could do a movie theme (for example, Animal House). It would be different, although it would still require costumes. You could also go a little "P. Diddy" and have a white party (everyone must wear completely white clothing). It would be a little more classy. Just ideas. I enjoyed reading!!! Hope the party goes well.


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